Top 5 Spring Lures for River Fishing

River fishing tackleboxWalking into a large fishing tackle store for the first time can be a harrowing experience when faced with wall to wall lures in every design and color combination imaginable. Of course you can always ask a knowledgeable sales associate but afterward your pocket book may feel like it’s been in a boxing match with Mike Tyson after you were talked into buying this, buying that, and you really need this! Don’t feel bad because because we have all been victims to a friendly sales associate one time or another, myself included!

So what lures do you need to buy, use, or hoard from the rest of us? Well, that depends. It depends on the season and it depends on the water conditions. To every river fisherman’s disappointment, there’s no one ‘magic’ lure that will work during every condition all year long. So what does that mean? Well, like other fishermen, river fishermen must learn to adapt to the water and water conditions. This means carrying more than one lure, but lucky for you it doesn’t mean buying out a whole tackle store.

I like to keep things as simple as possible. Over the years I have learned this approach works best for me because there are less lures and tackle to take and keep up with. Taking less tackle is especially true when kayak fishing because there’s just not enough room in the kayak to take it all. Plus, there’s more time to fish because you aren’t spending time switching lures, but studying water conditions and looking out for structure.

Over the next week I am going to list my top 5 lures that I use for spring river fishing where I fish in Georgia and other surrounding states. These aren’t the only lures that are effective during this time of year, but they are what I normally have tied on and are staples in my river fishing arsenal. Feel free to comment as I reveal my top 5 spring river fishing lures, whether you agree, disagree, or think I’m flat out stupid.



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